1. Ranong comprehensive plan areas and connected areas
2. Ko Phayam community and connected areas


Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning, Ministry of Interior

Field of Specialization:

Development and design of eight infrastructure systems

Type of Service:

Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of infrastructure

Scope of Service:

  • Review of relevant study reports
  • Determination and feasibility study of master plans in terms of physical, economic, social, environmental and public participation aspects
  • Systematic development of infrastructure in line with people’s requirements and community use
  • Operation of public relations and public participation

Service Period:

April 2017-June 2018

Project Cost:

At least 600 million baht

Project Description:

Development of eight infrastructure systems

1) Other support systems: 11 projects
2) Transport systems: nine projects
3) Consumption water systems: five projects
4) Drainage and flood control systems: six projects
5) River bank protection systems: four projects
6) Waste disposal systems: five projects
7) Wastewater collection and treatment systems: one project
8) Regional electricity and solar cell systems: three projects
Plans are divided into four stages: urgent, short-term, medium-term and long-term plans
According to the pre-feasibility study, there are 50 projects in eight systems.




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